Welcome to All Clear Drain Service!

We’re a full service sewer and drain cleaning company.


All Clear Drain Service include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Restaurants and Hotels in the following areas:

Sussex County, Warren County, Morris County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Union County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Mercer County, Monmouth County and Hunterdon County.

We clear all plumbing drain lines in: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floor Drains, and Grease Traps as we’re dedicated in keeping our customers satisfied. We also provide sewer jetting of sewer lines, restaurant grease lines, and frozen plumbing drain lines. We’ve been servicing Northern and Central New Jersey since 1987 – A Full Sewer and Drain Cleaning


Camera and Video Inspection

Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially made fiber optic cameras allow for a visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe. A flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip is inserted into the pipe for inspection. Video images are transmitted to the camera operator and can be saved onto a CD/DVD for a permanent record. Radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location from the surface so that defects and obstructions can be corrected cost effectively. Video cameras have also been used to locate lost jewelry and other valuables.

Drain Cleaning

  • Main Sewer/Septic Lines
  • Bathroom Sinks, Tubs, & Shower Stalls
  • Laundry Drains or Washer Lines
  • Outside Leader Gutter Drain Lines

  • Tree Roots Removed
  • Kitchen Sink Lines
  • Toilets
  • Floor Drains
  • Lines to Dry Wells
  • Grease Trap

High Pressure Sewer Jet Service

High pressure jetting breaks up sludge and debris and is environmentally safe. Jetting pulverizes tree and plant roots and clears the toughest blockages. Cuts out hardened scale accumulation. Literally flushes drain build up out of the system. Thaw frozen pipes by penetrating and breaking up ice blockages.